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Corporate Profile

Originally named Wet’N Dry Lubes, Inc., the business was started in 1986 when W. W. Held, an employee of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, took early retirement and purchased a consumer product line of DuPont specialty lubricants. In addition to purchasing DuPont’s inventory of finished product for resale, Wet’N Dry Lubes also purchased the formulae to those products (DuPont Formula VZ704 and DuPont Formula VZ5983). In fact, DuPont Formula VZ5983 was formerly known as SlipSpray®, which was part of DuPont’s specialty products division sold to the automotive and household trades. SlipSpray® is a well-known trademark that we currently own for use on a PTFE dry film lubricant.

From the beginning, we have sourced product for non-competing customers. We perform the role of a Product Manager, and specialize in developing and supplying new products and existing private-label brands using quality contract packagers and component vendors located throughout the U.S.A. We cater to companies who do not have the resources, time, expertise, or personnel to develop new products or maintain established brands.

In 1999, we changed our company name to Priority Packaging, to better reflect our strengths and abilities. Our list of products and services continue to grow, as we develop unique packaging solutions and supply product for new marketers.

By design, we do not market our own brand of products, or inventory any customers’ finished product for resale (although drop-shipping is sometimes possible). From the start, we operate under a secrecy agreement so that all proprietary information remains confidential.

Please contact us if you have any type of packaging requirements. If we can not provide what you need, we will help you find another source.

SlipSpray® is a registered trademark of Wet’N Dry Lubes, Inc., d.b.a Priority Packaging.


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